Sarah Jessica Parker is trailed by Paul McCartney and fiancé Nancy Shevell when she swans into the NYC Ballet’s premiere of his Ocean Kingdom held Thursday at Lincoln Center.

The mom of three leaves hubby Matthew Broderick at home to meet up with Naomi Watts and Jessica Seinfeld for a ladies’ night out. The terrific trio is inseparable all night, laughing, sharing seats and dancing throughout the post-performance dinner.

And it’s a good thing the Sex and The City star has new pals, because it looks like it will be a long time until she reteams with Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon for the Sex and The City 3 movie.

“Maybe Sex and the City 3 will happen in ten years, but not now,” Candace Bushnell tells me.

The iconic author is focused on the prequel, The Carrie Diaries, which she recently sold to The CW.

Perhaps Sarah Jessica will be involved?

“I always want to hear her opinion,” she says.

For now, the career-making role of Carrie at 17 years old is up for grabs.

“We haven’t gotten there yet,” she says. “We haven’t started doing the casting. We don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. I think it will be an absolutely amazing part for a young actress. I don’t know who it is. It’s going to end up being the person who is best for the part. One just has to be open-minded. There are many, many, many people involved in casting.”

But Candace doesn’t envision Sarah Jessica’s 2-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha being involved.

“They’re very young,” she says. “In the prequel, she’s a little too young to have kids.”

What is Sarah Jessica like as a mom?

“I’m sure she’s a great mom, but I only see her at parties like this.”

At least SJP is remaining in character tonight, laughing it up with the girls.

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