At Monday night’s screening of Ashton Kutcher‘s new film, Spread, the actor shrugged off rumors that wife of nearly four years Demi Moore is planning on taking his last name when they celebrate their anniversary in September.

“I think it would be fantastic,” he admitted. “But at the same time it’s a name, you know what I mean? Like, call me Mr. Moore! I don’t care, I’ve been called a lot worse!”

That might be a bad idea since Ashton agrees that Demi, who is more than 15 years his senior, continues to look vital and sexy, no matter her age. So how does she do it?

“I don’t know!” he confessed. “I’m trying to figure it out! She becomes more beautiful than me by the minute! She’s got the magic thing!”

Ashton also talked about Demi being on the set of Spread during some of the racy film’s steamier scenes.

“It’s like you go to a movie and you have to shoot someone in the head with a gun. You’ve gotta murder someone in a movie, right?” he explained. “And when you go home, your wife doesn’t think you’re a murderer, right? You go to work and you have a scene where you have to portray having sex with somebody, and your wife doesn’t think you’re going to work to have sex with somebody. So, we’re both artists. We’re both in the same craft and we understand what our job is.”

Speaking of confusing work with real-life, Ashton spoke openly about Mischa Barton, who is starring in The Beautiful Life, which he is a producer on.

“She’s amazing in it,” he says about her work on the show. “Wait until you see it, I think you’ll be really impressed. For me, it’s the best I’ve seen Mischa Barton in and I was so excited to have her. I already liked her work so I was excited to have her in this.

“She’s so good in the show. I’ve seen the first episode,” he continued. “She’s unbelievable, and really the rest of the cast is all young people, like this is their first or second project and they haven’t really worked on something like this before so to have someone that is a veteran that’s in there that can help anchor, especially when it comes time to press and all these different things. We’re so happy to have her as part of our group, and the kids that are just getting going are lucky to have her as part of the group.”

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