The anticipation of the birth of his second child with Mila Kunis has left Ashton Kutcher a little wider in the waist. But a source speaking to OK! said his dad bod may not be as big of an issue as the couple’s fans would think!

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According to the source, Kunis “has been having tons of cravings lately for carb-rich foods like pancakes.” And seeing that Kutcher is looking to be a supportive and loving dad and husband, the source added that Kutcher’s “been feasting with her practically every day.”

The source added that Kutcher “thinks he’s put on 10 pounds.” However, Kunis doesn’t appear to be too upset over her hubby’s growing belly!

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“Ashton is a supportive husband and has no problem whipping up a midnight snack for Mila if she asks,” the insider said. “But it’s wreaking havoc on his waistline!”

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