In what may have been one of "the most dramatic episodes" of The Bachelor yet, one contestant reveals a surprising secret to Ben Flajnik, while another uses extremely desperate measures to grab his attention and attempt to get a rose. 

As the nine remaining girls and Ben arrive in Panama City, Panama, it's obvious that love is in the air! And to prove that point, Ben asks one of his favorite women, Kacie B., to spend the day on a deserted island with him. Aside from a machete, a fishing net, some matches and each other, Kacie and Ben are completely alone… how darling. On the dinner portion of the date, Kacie decides to be honest with Ben and opens up about an eating disorder she struggled with in high school. Although Ben is surprised by her battle with bulimia and anorexia, he is completely understanding and respects Kacie ten times more now that she was open with him. He gives her a rose, and the pair wrap up their romantic night. 


For the group date, Ben takes six ladies, Courtney, Casey S., Nicki, Lindzi and Jamie for a boat ride on the Chagres River before stopping by Embera Village to take in the local customs and traditions. The girls and Ben slip into native garb and spend time with the villagers, dancing and getting to understand their culture. But instead of holding herself like a lady, like all the rest of the contestants, Courtney decides to go "bikiniless," as she likes to call it, under her beaded get-up and catches the eye of not only Ben, but the other men in town. Awkward!

During the dinner portion of the date, the women sit poolside with Ben as he spends a little alone time with each one of them. Although we haven't seen a lot of her, Jamie finally gets to share some quality time with Ben, well, she almost gets to. Instead of minding her own business and giving the other girls an chance to talk to Ben, Courtney sneaks up on Jamie's date, strips down to her bikini, and wades in the water behind them as they try to have a serious discussion. "I see Courtney in her bathing suit and it's very difficult to focus," Ben says in the confessional. Obviously I want to look…" 

Sums up this season: Ben has a beautiful, smart woman sitting directly in front of him and all he can look at is the self-absorbed model behind him. 


For the final date of the week, Ben takes Rachel and Blakeley on the dreaded two-on-one. The trio goes salsa dancing (weird) and then head to dinner. As if being a third wheel isnt awkward enough, watching another girl salsa dance with the guy you like has to be hard. But in the end, Rachel prevails and is given the rose as Blakeley is sent home. 

But, the real drama comes after the dates when Chris Harrison surprises the ladies and pulls Casey S. aside to talk to her about something that was brought to his attention. "Three different people say that you're in love with someone else," Chris tells Casey. "Michael is your boyfriend back at home. That's what I want to talk to you about. We spoke to Michael. He said you guys are still in a relationship." 

Casey is shocked at first, but then realizes she has to fess up. "Basically I was completely in love with him,” she confesses. “He told me from day one he doesn’t know if he wants to get married. A year ago, I broke up with him and [got] back together with him. I think that my perfect scenario would be to fall in love with Ben.” 

Chris feels that her situation is misleading Ben and that she has to tell him that she's in love with another man. So he escorts Casey to Ben's room, where she cries and tells him, "I came into this wanting to get over a guy who I was in love with… I think that I'm not completely over him." Ben is upset by Casey's lies, but appreciates her honesty. Still, he sends her packing. 


So, during cocktail party later that night, Ben hopes that the remaining seven women will show him that they care and that they're here for him. One lady takes that advice a bit to far and ends up ruining her chances with Ben. Instead of just going with the flow and naturally falling into a kiss with Ben, Jamie forces herself on him and one of the most strange scenes in Bachelor history. She straddles him in a tight red dress, tells him she thinks naughty thoughts about him and then schools him on how to make out. "First of all, when my mouth is open, your mouth is closed and visa versa," Jamie tells Ben, who gets flustered after a while and replies, "I can't f***ing take this serious right now. It's an instruction guide. I can't even handle this right now." 

Let's just say this little "lesson" got Jamie kicked out of The Bachelor school of love. Now the six remaining women will head to Belize with Ben for another round of romantic and drama-filled dates! 



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