After loudmouth Kanye West recently said that Rihanna was the best thing to happen to Beyoncé, in terms of motivating her to step it up with her music, the "Single Ladies" singer isn’t taking the bait.


"I love Kanye," she told radio DJs Ed Lover and Free on Power 105.1 FM. "It’s all from a good place."


The artist also known as Sasha Fierce didn’t stop there with her praise, however, going on to confess, "I love Rihanna, I think she’s fantastic and she’s done an incredible job. I love all her records."


As for another of her fellow pop stars, Justin Timberlake, who appeared in a skit mocking her dance-heavy video for "Single Ladies" on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Beyoncé also has nothing but love.


"I still can’t believe he did that!" she laughs of JT donning a leotard and heels to dance in the spoof. "He was incredible. By the way, we rehearsed it two times and he picked up the choreogpraphy," she reveals. "I know he was joking, but it was amazing, he has this photographic memory. The crazy thing is he could probably kill it if he wanted to. He’s so talented and naturally funny."


The real video, which features Beyoncé and two long-legged ladies doing an incredibly tough-looking dance routine, has spawned copycat versions all over YouTube, as well as the rumor that one of her dancers is actually a man. However, Miss B says that is totally untrue.


"That is so silly man, that is silly," she says. "Both of the girls are dancers, they’re ballet dancers, and their bodies are unbelievable, just pure muscle. So I mean I guess people were feeling like, her body is just so strong. But that is crazy!"

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