Blac Chyna may be dealing with weight gain as she is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s child, but she is not the only one packing on the pounds!

Chyna previously noted on Snapchat that she is excited about getting bigger, but not Rob! A source told OK! exclusively, “Rob is equaling his pregnant fiancée Blac Chyna in weight gain as he’s putting on empathy pounds,” adding that the “situation is getting out of hand.”

But Rob’s leading lady has a plan to get Rob back on track — liposuction! “Chyna’s decided lipo is the only way,” said the insider.  “He just doesn’t have the discipline to get there on his own and she figures a surgery shortcut will give him a kickstart in the gym. He hates the idea because of his sisters, but he’s desperate. It’s either that or a stomach stapling!”

While he was on an exercise plan with Chyna, that likely ended once she got pregnant. However, Chyna’s dad Eric Holland admits that she is very strict with him when it comes to his eating habits.

He told Now magazine, “Rob is on a diet. At every meal Angie is telling him, ‘Rob you can’t eat that.’ But he’s still a big guy. Losing weight is a tough thing. It’s great they’re looking out for each other.’

His diet isn’t going so well though, as he still indulges in plenty of fast food. “Rob’s whacked on most of the weight he lost earlier this year, just from being around Blac and her pregnancy cravings for Oreo shakes, burgers and Mexican food,” said the source. “He’s really upset by it as he really was working hard, but he just has to look at a burrito and he has to loosen a notch in his belt.” Slow it down Rob!

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