Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie embody the holiday spirit — only they don’t stick just to the holidays when it comes to being generous to charities: The Hollywood Reporter says that after the Jolie-Pitt Foundation banked $13 million in 2008, it then doled out more than half that amount, around $6.4 million, to different charities.

The amount is twice as much as they donated in 2007, with the bulk of the money going to a few organizations: Global Health ($2 million), Human Rights Watch ($1 million), Brad’s Make it Right Foundation ($1 million).

The Armed Services YMCA of the U.S. Army also benefited with a $500,000 donation, Brad’s hometown public schools in Springfield, Mo. received $50,000 and around $1 million went to projects in Camboda, where son Maddox is from.No scandals here. Just a nice story. By the way, Brad and Angie each put about $6 million into the foundation last year.

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