This morning on The Today Show, Brad Pitt took co-host Ann Curry on a tour of New Orleans’ flood-devastated 9th Ward, where the actor is launching his "Make It Right" campaign, which seeks to rebuild at least 150 homes for residents of the area who lost their residences to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"It’s an art installation, it’s a social statement," the actor explained about the site, where abstract stacks wrapped in pink cloth are scattered around the landscape, representing the homes Brad and his fellow organizer wish to rebuild. "But most of all, it’s a fund-raising tool."

The actor and father of four children with Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie, explained that he’s hoping to have some people back in their homes by the end of next summer. And while he’s pledged $5 million of his own money to the project, he’s asking for help from people of every income level. "I’m looking to foundations, high net-worth individuals, church groups," he said, adding that anyone can go to where they can donate money or sponsor anything from solar panels to doors. "I’m gonna get my dad a tankless water heater for Christmas," Brad said.

"I see this as a great opportunity," he explained when asked how his work in New Orleans compares to his film work. "This is more fulfilling than any film I’ve ever done."

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