Still in Cancun for the first annual Cancun International Film Festival.

Today I went to a press conference for “Love in the Time of Cholera,” a film that opened in the US yesterday but won’t open in Mexico until after Christmas. The film is a love story starring Javier Bardem that spans about half a century. The makeup people on the set had their work cut out for them aging the stars from youth to seniors and a film critic who recently reviewed the movie said it was a job so well-done she believes the make-up people deserve an Oscar nod. She said that before the producer said the biggest challenge on the set was keeping the caked on makeup from melting off in the sweltering heat of Columbia where the entire movie was filmed. An interesting detail to keep in mind should you see it.

After ‘working’ attending the press conference my friend and I decided to walk on the beach to another hotel. We didn’t realize that after a stretch the sandy beach would be swallowed up by the high tide and our leisurely stroll turned into a swim where I was nearly up to my neck in water! Thankfully it was beautiful, warm and crystal clear.

Once we got to the hotel we spent the day acting like we were somewhere between summer camp and spring break. We got in on a poolside bingo game  (I won!) and painted pottery (a test in patience I equated with yoga since we chose the biggest pieces to paint).

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