She’s back! Guest blogger Claudia Jordan breaks down episode three of Celebrity Apprentice."

"Last night’s episode makes three victories in a row for the ladies.

Tom Green, who jumped at the opportunity to put on a wedding dress, as the task was to raise the most cash selling gowns, led the men’s team.

Thirty-second-summary: Dennis Rodman and Herschel Walker went missing-in-action, and I believe Dennis was hung over after a night at the bar, but he did say that he touched a dog – or a cat – and had an allergic reaction.

Tom was accused of being late to task when he was the leader. It seemed after last week’s loss the team had it out for him.

Once again, then men seemed to let super egos take priority over success. That’s clearly why they are falling apart.

Team Athena had thousands of dollars coming in, and I felt there was no way we could lose unless something really incredible happened on the men’s side.

We raised a whopping $103,000 compared to the men’s team, which raised $61,000. We win, again!

I was still very under the weather, so I was really happy to get back to our room to relax and celebrate!

Okay, here’s what bothered me about this episode: They edited so much footage out!

I worked my butt off and so did Tione (T-Boz of TLC), and they really didn’t show us at all.

I worked with the designer to make the outside of our store appealing and inviting. I called in a favor and got an actual red carpet to be rolled out in front of our store.

I pulled another favor and got a store to donate six mannequins for us to use, and I also got a friend to get a couple models to come down and model gowns for us. None of that was shown.

When the foot traffic got low, Khloe Kardashian and I walked up and down the street solicit customers.

I had a New York publicist Marvet Britto send some of her socialite friends down, and they spent thousands.

I even went to the men’s store and tried to steal some of their customers. It was a lot of work. I tried gowns on for customers!

But at the end of the day, the important thing is that we came together as a team and did very well.

Brande Roderick was a great project manager. She got the job done without being bossy or mean, and she brought in a lot of cash.

Joan Rivers
got QVC to bring in a nice amount of money, $25,000.

And Annie Duke, who never fails to get the bug bucks, didn’t let us down one bit. She got one of her friends to fly in and spend $10,000 for one dress.

This week we all got along much more. We were so busy with the task there was really no time for bickering.

Joan was gone again for the first day. It was only our third task and this was the second time she was gone! But we still kicked butt.

Please come back next week as I step up and become Project Manager. Can the ladies continue the winning streak? Stay tuned and find out!"

Team Athena

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