Following the scandalous arrest of Charlie Sheen on Christmas day for alleged assault on his wife Brooke Mueller, Mark Burg, Sheen’s manager, tells Radar Online that divorce isn’t in the future.

“I have spoken to all parties concerned. There are no plans for divorce. They are both deeply upset about what happened and are trying to work things out amicably,” Burg revealed to Radar Online, although sources claim that Brooke is ready to separate.

Burg even tries to squash rumors that the couple was having problems in the marriage, which is why Brooke, who is now equipped with a restraining order against her husband, was in Aspen without Charlie before the dispute.

“Brooke went to Colorado a day ahead of Charlie. That was it,” Burg revealed to Radar Online, “They had not been separated and neither of them has plans to file for divorce.”

Regardless of Burg’s reassurance, sources at Radar Online tell a different story, one with Brooke upset that Charlie made her retell an altered version of the story of the dispute to police.

“Charlie’s team will not let up until Brooke recants. He has too much to lose. If convicted of these charges he’ll face prison time,” a source explains to Radar Online of the immense pressure Charlie is putting on his wife.

And although the source continues that the couple, “…are miserable together and it’s just a matter of time before this marriage is officially over,” according to Radar Online, Burg still insists that Mueller and Sheen just want to work it out.

“They both want to get away from all the sensationalism surrounding what happened and quietly resolve things,” Burg reveals to Radar Online.

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