The second part of Chaz Bono‘s interview with Entertainment Tonight airs tonight. Chaz opened up about his gender re-assignment surgery to become a man and his four year relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Elia. Chaz shared his story with ET about the transition he is undergoing to become a man and how his girlfriend has been supportive through the entire process.

“She’s been amazing,” he said. “I feel really grateful to be going through this with a partner.”

From the beginning of their relationship Chaz told Jennifer about his gender re-assignment plans.

“I didn’t just spring this on Jennifer recently. This was something she knew about shortly after we met.”

The couple met through mutual friends and Chaz shared, “We got set up. I was having a barbecue and she came and never left.”

“Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually, he explained. “So now it does physically as well.”

Chaz doesn’t reveal any details about his mother Cher‘s feelings on his transformation, but says everyone in his life has been supportive.

“The people in my life are just happy that I’m doing this and seeing the positive effect that it’s having on me.”

Tune into to Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Oct. 30 to hear more of Chaz’s story.

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