As a singer and actress, Christina Milian knows what to do when it comes to getting her picture taken, but it wasn’t always second nature.

“When they were taking my picture, I’d be so nervous that I’d twiddle my fingers and hands really fast and rapid,” she tells me. “My mom pointed it out and a couple people pointed it out. I was like ticking. I had to cut that out once I noticed what I was doing.”

How did she get over it?

“I started paying attention to it. When people started pointing it out, and I guess it becomes a problem when you’re doing a photo shoot – you might want to listen.”

How can you look better in pictures?

“Learn your good angle,” she tells me. “Practice in the mirror. Honestly, I don’t even know about angles. I used to think about that stuff when I was younger, and I let that go. Practice in the mirror every now and then and take pictures of yourself. I do it all the time for fun.”


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