When I went to Koi for Rachel’s Birthday: Part Deux Monday night (prior to drinking 40oz. Mickey’s Malt Liquor from the bottle at Villa, while the bottle was in a brown paper bag), Rachel and I agreed we could eat at Koi every night. That was put to the test last night when I had a dinner date who suggested Koi. I happily obliged. Although perched on the patio both nights I couldn’t see anyone or much of anything myself, in the past few days spywitnesses have sent me sightings that the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus and beau Justin Gaston, Hayden from Heroes and Colin Farrell have been there too. Trendy? Yes, but the food’s still good. Last night I tried a sake martini with a pinch of wasabi, that was better than it could have been as well.

Tonight I’d like to possibly/maybe stay in, but odds are in favor that I won’t. Will let you know what I do tomorrow 😉 xo

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