Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore’s relationship is starting to get confusing!

On the last episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya and Cynthia got into an argument over the “best friend” title. Cynthia denied to NeNe Leakes that Kenya was her best friend and it’s safe to say that didn’t end well.

Kenya confronted Cynthia about how her feelings were hurt from what she said to Nene and things between them didn’t end well. Looking back on the situation, Cynthia isn’t happy with the way she handled the conversation, but is sticking to her word about Kenya not being her best friend.

Cynthia told exclusively, “Going back to Jamaica, I think the whole besties [battle] got blown out of proportion.”

“Looking back on it, in that moment, I should have been more clear about how important Kenya is to me in my life because I do value her as a friend,” Cynthia said.

She explained that she is “great friends” with Kenya, but she doesn’t classify them as BFFs. “I have never referred to Kenya as my best friend or my BFF,” she said. “And I don’t believe she has ever referred to me as her best friend or BFF.”

As for her other friendships, Cynthia revealed mending her broken relationship with Nene took a long time. “The last time the fans saw NeNe and I was when she had a breakdown and I went to check on her,” she explained. “That whole moment opened up just a door for us to be cool again. She texted me after the reunion, thanking me for checking on her. From there, a text here and there.”

Cynthia said that they both took their “time to get back to where” they are now. She added, “NeNe and I, I think the time—two years apart—really gave us both time to just take a break and just reevaluate our relationship. We just kind of picked up where we left off.”

It seems that everything worked out with NeNe and Cynthia for the best since she admitted, “I’m glad to have her back in my life and I think she’s glad to have me back in hers.”

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Reporting By: Lindsay DiMattina

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