Further speculation over what exactly caused Michael Jackson‘s death is being discussed after TMZ reports that Propofol, an extremely potent and dangerous drug, was found at his home.


Propofol is used for surgical anesthesia, and the report indicates it is not supposed to be used except by medical personnel, as it can only be administered with an IV. A source tells TMZ, "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use."

Cardiac arrest can occur if Propofol is taken with narcotic painkillers, but it’s also so potent it can stop a person’s heart by itself. In another twist, Propoful burns when it is injected, and Lidocaine is used to help alleviate that pain. Lidocaine was also reportedly found near MJ.

Sources say the drug is so inappropriate and reckless for home use, if a doctor injected Michael with it and he died as a result, that person could be prosecuted for manslaughter.

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