After an ambulance was called to the Encino home of former Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff on Friday, Radar Online reports that the 57-year-old was taken to Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA to be treated for a seizure after being seen by his physician earlier in the week.

Being well known for his struggle with alcoholism, Hasselhoff, who Radar Online claims has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning over five times in just the past year alone, was apparently drinking throughout the thanksgiving holiday that may have ended up triggering the attack.

Although David has been on anti- seizure medication to prevent such issues , Hasselhoff’s neighbor Christian tells Radar Online that, “this isn’t the first time this has happened to him.”

Despite attempts to shed his drinking problems, Hasselhoff has been recently seen disoriented on numerous occasions such as the MTV Movie Awards in Berlin, where he was undeniably unsettled in May.

A Radar Online source reveals that David’s 17-year-old daughter Hayley Hasselhoff, who has been forced to reach out for help before regarding her father’s drinking addiction, called the ambulance on Friday afternoon although his reps have denied any alcohol related issues in the past.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department told Radar Online that they arrived on the scene at 11:51 AM to take David to the hospital, where he is currently being cared for.

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