At the age of 65, Diane Keaton has decided it's about time she write a memoir. The Academy Award-winning actress used her personal journals and love letters to help her write her new memoir, Then Again, which features highlights of her romance with Woody Allen!

Diane shared an excerpt from her memoir in the November issue of Vogue that shows just how much she's opening up about her romance with Woody.

The actress starred with Woody in hits like Sleeper, Love and Death and Annie Hall.

“I was his endearing oaf. I had him pegged as a cross between a ‘White Thing’ and the cockroach you couldn’t kill,” Diane writes. “We shared a love of torturing each other with our failures. His insights into my character were dead-on and hilarious. This bond remains the core of our friendship and, for me, love.”

Diane met Woody in 1968 when they both worked on his stage comedy, Play It Again, Sam, and Diane fell for him in real life.

“How could I not? I was in love with him before I knew him. He was Woody Allen. Our entire family used to gather around the TV set and watch him on Johnny Carson. He was so hip, with his thick glasses and cool suits,” she writes. “But it was his manner that got me, his way of gesturing, his hands, his coughing and looking down in a self-deprecating way while he told jokes like ‘I couldn’t get a date for New Year’s Eve so I went home and I jumped naked into a vat of Roosevelt dimes.’"

“He was even better-looking in real life," she adds. "He had a great body, and he was physically very graceful.”

But Woody fell for her too!

"Woody got used to me," Diane says. "He couldn't help himself; he loved neurotic girls."

"Most people assumed Annie Hall was the story of our relationship. My last name is Hall," she explains. "Woody and I did share a significant romance, according to me, anyway."

Sounds significant to us, too!


Diane's Then Again comes out next month.


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