Everyone knows Diddy likes to party, and does it well, but he wants you to know that after a night out on the town is no time to get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.


Through his partnership with the ultra-premium vodka brand Ciroc, Diddy’s releasing a new campaign discouraging people who’ve partied a bit too hard from getting behind the wheel.


"When I started this relationship with Ciroc, I wanted to do something groundbreaking in the category of social responsibility," he tells OK!.


"Instead of doing a regular PSA saying, ‘Hi, I’m Sean Combs and I’m here to talk to you for Ciroc,’ I actually shot a scene from a movie, what happens when the music stops and two young ladies leave early because they’re feeling a little tired."


I stop them from driving at the door and have my driver take them home, and I ask them what time they’re coming back tomorrow because we’re having a pool party," he reveals. "It’s kind of funny and gets to the point without being overly preachy."


With his latest Ciroc campaign, The Art of Celebration, Diddy seems to be conjuring old Hollywood.


"We wanted that feeling of intimate celebrations back in the 1950s where people would have gatherings at their homes and got to know each other, dance and have dinner," Diddy says.

Shot in black and white in one of Frank Sinatra‘s former California homes, the legendary singer’s music is featured in the background.

"Giving an ode to the Rat Pack, me being a huge Rat Pack fan, and Frank Sinatra being one of my imaginary friends at times, it was great and exciting and a blessing," Diddy reveals.


By Delaina Dixon

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