In the wake of Donald Trump‘s decision to not take away Miss California USA Carrie Prejean‘s title after semi-nude photos of her showed up online, former Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees, who was stripped of her title in 2006 following a similar incident, is… well, let’s just say she isn’t happy.

“An accurate word to describe me is irate,” the 24-year-old beauty queen tells Extra. “If you’re semi-nude, you’re semi-nude and it says so in the contract. And [Prejean] broke the contact… She should’ve had her crown taken away just like mine… For her crown not to be taken away is absolutely outrageous.”

Katie also sees a very important difference between her situation—where personal photos of her behaving badly were made public—and Carrie’s.

“The fact is Carrie purposely posed nude for these pictures. I did not," she explains. "I was a teenager who accidentally was out having a good time with her girlfriends and was unguarded… I just wonder if Mr. Trump knows what he put me through. What I’ve gone through these past two years. The strong woman that I’ve had to become to fight for myself.“

And rather than just cry over spilled milk, Katie says, "I am speaking with my lawyer right now.”

Check out the full interview when it airs Wednesday night on Extra.

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