In this suspenseful, brutally honest, new book called Dual Missions, Nino Perrotta recounts his story about being assigned to the New York Field Office under the United States Secret Service.

The setting takes place at 7 World Trade Center, where he becomes entangled in one of the most complex criminal cases of all time — taking down the New York Mafia and former Detroit Tigers star Denny McLain. Perrotta’s story illustrates what went down behind closed doors during the strenuous and sometimes dangerous investigation.

“Nino shares his ambitions, frustrations and dedication to the mission while navigating the petty tyrants and personalities,” one fan said.

Another reviewer wrote, “I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in what goes on taking on the Mafia and the secrets they don’t want you to know.”

Perrotta will be holding a special meet-and-greet and book signing on March 22 at the Grand Havana Room in New York City from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. .

Dual Missions is now available on Amazon.

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