No need to adjust that TV set! On tonight’s season premiere of Beauty and the Geek (airing 8 p.m. on The CW), Nicole, a musicologist, does compete as the series first female geek, while Sam, a party promoter, steps into the role of its first male beauty. “I think a geek is a person who has a little more difficulty in new situations than your normally socially competent person,” says Nicole, explaining how the characteristics of a geek are gender neutral. And Sam proves that a guy can spend just as much time as a gal primping. “I won’t leave the house, no matter where I go, until I do my hair and make sure things look good,” he admits. If past seasons are any indication, some of those geeks are really hunks in nerd’s clothing. Did Nicole take advantage and find love among her own kind? “Some of the geek guys are funny and pretty good-looking,” she teases. Mom always says that it’s a man’s heart that counts — you can clean him up after you get the ring!

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