Emily Mortimer’s son, Sam, 4, makes her smile.

“I love my kid,” the Lars and the Real Girl star, 36, tells me. “He’s amazing. I thought what being a mother was going to be about was about seeing yourself in your child and feeling depressed about it. Actually, this creature comes along and they’re absolutely nothing like you. He might as well have been delivered by a stork. I’m allowed to marvel at him and be nothing but proud and feel very boastful every day.”

How is her hubby, actor Alessandro Nivola, 35, as a father? (The couple celebrate their fifth anniversary today!)

“He’s brilliant. He’s extremely patient and funny and gets him to school on time, which is more than I can say for myself. He’s brilliant. I feel smart that I chose the right guy.”

She also has high praise for her Lars and the Real Girl co-star Ryan Gosling.


“He’s amazing! He’s the most charming, sweetest, most down-to-earth, lovely guy. I think he’s a brilliant actor. He’s a triple threat.” (I agree! Ryan kissed me on the cheek during a Buzzfly show one time. What a charmer.)

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