Congratulations are in order for The Biggest Loser's season six at-home winner Heba Salama who exclusively reveals to OK! she's expecting a baby in October!
"We kept it very quiet for four months," laughs Heba. "It's going to get obvious soon. We need to tell someone. We're excited."
You may remember Heba, who lost 140 pounds on the show, and her hubby Ed Brantley as the only husband and wife team to make it to the final four together. The couple had been trying to conceive for a year and a half, which makes this news even sweeter.
"We actually thought we'd start trying right after the show but we got so busy and we were racing so much," she explains. "I started my business as a photographer and then we started trying and nothing was happening. Then we realized we needed some help. We had to go kind of a non-traditional route. But we were trying for a while."
After winning the $100K at-home prize, the soon-to-be parents have been staying fit by running half marathons, in fact, Heba has already signed up for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Raleigh, NC in April 2014 to give herself a post-baby fitness goal. We love her spirit!
"Ali Vincent, who was on the season before me, who was the first female Biggest Loser, is coming to do it with me," she says. "She's really in my corner. She's a cheerleader. After baby it's important for me to get right back into it. I don't want to feel bad about myself. Everybody says you kind of have to let your body just do what it does, and I totally agree, but after you kind of have to get control of it."
How has pregnancy been treating The Biggest Loser star so far?
"It's been good," says Heba. "I was tired for the first part of the pregnancy and I have all of these weird food aversions so that's been interesting. I'm really craving tons of fruit."
Ed, who is the Executive Chef at a senior livings resort and a culinary instructor, is busy crafting natural healthy baby food recipes. Since Heba owns a photography studio, we have a feeling this baby is going to be the most photographed, well-fed kiddo in town.
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