Jennifer Aniston’s showdown with ex-husband Brad Pitt seems to have had a profoundly peaceful effect on her. The day after their first post-divorce collision at the 81st Academy Awards, with four years and another woman between them, the actress told OK! exclusively that the critics are all wrong.


“I am totally over Brad,” Jen, 40, told OK!.


In fact, Jen is completely dedicated to her musician beau John Mayer, she explains, and is a fan of his music.

“John just wants to play the guitar,” she explains to OK!. And, given John’s penchant for writing songs about his woman, she doesn’t mind letting him do just that.


For his part, 31-year-old John, who is celebrating his one-year anniversary with Jen, donned Salvatore Ferragamo to accompany her to the Oscars — and the inevitable meeting of the exes. He even admitted that he went as “moral support” for Jen — but she ended up boosting him!




Since that big evening at the Kodak Theater, John and Jen are proud of their partnership. “At some point, you feel comfortable and say, ‘This is the choice I want to make,’ ” John said recently. “I think a year is a pretty good period of time with which to say, ‘Let’s go have a really good time at the Oscars!’ ”


And Jen agrees completely: “I deeply, deeply care about him,” she has said. “We adore one another. And that’s where it is.”

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