Hi everyone!

I hoped you watched last night! It was so much fun! I’m thrilled with my performance. I enjoyed it and that was the main goal.

I was so nervous before we stepped out on the dance floor. I think everyone is nervous any time you’re performing. People are like, "You must be used to that." But you never get used to performing in front of a live audience on TV. You always get nervous. If you didn’t, it means you don’t care. I think it’s good.

When it was time to go on, I just wanted to calm myself a little bit and tell myself don’t think about all these external things — television, live TV. Get into the performance and nail it. Mark and I looked at each other, took a few very deep breaths and I told him, "You going to have fun tonight?" He said, "Yeah!" I’m like, "Okay, let’s go for it!" Mark has been a solid rock for me and obviously has given me the tools to go out and dance like that. I don’t think I could have done it any better.”

Getting a 27 was beyond my wildest dreams! I was really honored to get those marks from the judges and now I’m leaving it up to America’s hands. I’m incredibly flattered, speechless to hear Bruno [Tonioli] say it was one of the best first performances he’s seen! I just hope I can keep it up!

I’m in love with my dress from last night too! It was so beautiful. That was like a dream dress. I just want to take it home with me! I feel like a little princess playing dress-up. It’s sparkly all over with a gold pattern running through it and I think hearing the music and all the brass and horns that are in it, it just goes so perfectly with that.

I wore my practice shoes for the dance. I’m still getting used to dancing in heels, but my feet feel good. The shoes are not too pretty-looking, but I wore them since they’re comfortable and I’m used to them now.

Next week is the mambo. It will be totally different from the foxtrot, totally different mood. It’s a little daunting for me. Foxtrot is very proper, reserved, elegant and for the mambo, I have to let my hair down and let it all out. Mark is still trying to pull it out of me! We’ll get there!

Until next time! Thanks for all your support!


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