Gigi Hadid is head over heels for Zayn Malik, however, her family is not!

According to an source, the young supermodel’s family is hoping that she parts ways from the former One Direction singer. The insider explained that her family was welcoming at first but now, “no one in the family can stand being in a room alone with Zayn,” adding that they think the “Pillowtalk” singer is “too odd and awkward” and “trying to have a conversation with him is like pulling teeth.”

Bella Hadid, Gigi’s younger sister, “doesn’t like him one bit” and wants her older sister to “dump him as she’s been hearing he’s been straying!” The 20-year-old is “always worried” that Zayn is only with her older sister “to make sure he stays famous.”

“Gigi’s career is on the rise and the last thing she needs is some wayward washed-up boy-bander to lead her astray,” the insider added.

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