Following yesterday’s reports that Jennifer Lopez might have landed a guest-starring role on Fox hit Glee, Ryan Murphy, a producer on the Golden Globe-winning show, discussed exactly where things stand with a cameo that would be the show’s biggest casting coup yet.

“I’m meeting with Jennifer,” he explained. “She’s a fan of the show and I’m a fan of hers so we’re going to have dinner and talk about it. I would love for her to play a really great cafeteria lady who makes over into a Susan Boyle sensation. We’re meeting. We’re talking. It would have to be the right part. You can’t just have Jennifer Lopez walk into an Ohio high school. It makes no sense.”

One celeb guest star is for certain: Olivia Newton-John will be appearing in a part this season to move Jane Lynch’s character, Coach Sue Sylvester along, Murphy explained. However, the producer/creator said he’s being careful not to load up Glee with guest stars, even though big names are begging to be on the show.

“I think it has to be very organic. You have to watch out that it doesn’t become The Love Boat. You do it two or three times a season but we won’t do it every episode and I do get a lot of calls from a lot of people.”

In other Glee news, Murphy said the cast will be embarking on a concert tour after the show is wrapped for the season in April. “We’re touring. I can’t say more about it but there’s going to be an announcement in the next couple weeks. These guys are going to be busy little beavers. We finish shooting in April and we’re going to do a very select, small summer tour” to cities to be announced.

Although it would seem to be a natural idea, with both musical shows airing on Fox, Murphy said there are no plans to do a crossover between Glee and American Idol.

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