I got back from Puerto Rico late last night with a laundry list of things to accomplish before I went to bed: 1.) Post Puerto Rico blogs 2.) Do a photo select for other parties I need to cover and have neglected paying attention to while in PR. 3.) Unpack  4.) Call family and tell them I’m home 5.) Watch Desperate Housewives…


I made it through- well, none. I decided to lie down for a minute that became eight hours – and I was apparently still scatter-brained in the morning. Since it was daylight savings time while I was away I still had not re-set my clock and was awake about 10 minutes before I realized it was 6am rather than 7am. Already awake and temporarily rested I went for a short run and emailed a couple of PR recap blogs I wrote on the plane to myself to post when  I got to the office around 8ish. Best laid plans.


I was on the subway to work when I realized I forgot my blackberry. I was here an hour when I discovered that the attachment didn’t attach when I tried to forward myself the blogs I’d written. Thankfully Amber is in town visiting and I thought she’d still be home, could grab what I needed and messenger it to my office. Sadly, when I reached her she was already at work, BUT, THANK GOODNESS FOR INTERNS!


Amber graciously offered up her intern to go to our apartment downtown, grab my blackberry from my nightstand and my laptop and personally bring them to me at my office. Life was good. Too bad the intern didn’t think to bring the power cord so my laptop is dead, blogs inside – and you’re still going to have to wait for more from PR until I get home later.


Since I’m heading over to idealbite.com’s ‘Garden of Hedonism’ party at Johnny Utah’s in a few minutes – where they will have NYCs First Solar-Powered Bull Rides, Organic Cocktails, Eco-Friendly Sin-Sacks and Green-Loving  Celebs (like Kevin Connolly) and then going to Butter’s Five Year Anniversary Bash where I could likely be till 4am (I hear they’re expecting everyone from Heidi and Seal to Jessica Simpson)  you might have to wait for the weekend’s conclusion till morning, but it will be up, promise. Stay tuned!

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