Yesterday was Grammy day. Because the Grammy’s start so early here on the West Coast they’re not aired live so by the time they’re on good chance you know all the winners. But, glad I saw part of the show because I actually thought it was one of the better produced award shows in recent memory – and the parties matched.


First I went to the Beverly Hills Hilton for the  Sony/BMG party.

But the party wasn’t there. It was at The Beverly Hills Hotel.  I’m new, I’ll learn.

When we pulled up to valet – at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel – it was quite a scene. I’d rumors that there would be a surprise guest performer, some said Bob Dylan and I heard Justin Timberlake, but neither were present more or less performing. Nonetheless, the buzz drew everyone from Jay Z and Beyonce to OK!’s new friend, ‘the Latin Brad Pitt’ Eduardo Vestigui l.  I just missed Nicole Richie and Joel Madden pull up at 12:45am because I left for the Epic Records party at the Thompson Hotel. We sat in a back room at the bar around a table that I think would make for a great late night poker game. Alas, none of us were sober for that anyway so instead I was entertained by Josh Lucas’s stories about how nervous he was prior to the premiere of his film in Sundance (I think he’s naked in a few scenes) and how he even had an anxiety attack.

But, the best part of a fun and eventful night was when we were invited up to Epic president Charlie Walk’s private party in one of the rooms of the hotel. The intimate party started to attract so many people (all of 20 to 30) that John Mayer told Charlie “You over-advertised your product so I have to leave.” He could have used that as an excuse and actually been running from Paris’s blatant advances. He left right behind Avril.  Paris had pink-streaked hair like Avril, but Paris’s looked like it could have been from washing her hair with Kool-Aid. The party got smaller as the hour got later but we were the last ones standing, at 5:30am. I rarely get hungover, I am today. But, it was good times and if I needed affirmation making the move to LA was the right decision, I got it in spades.


PS: Charlie, I like your sneaks 😉 

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