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It was great to return to the American Idol set last week and perform my new single, "Hold Up My Heart."  I have to say, it was a very different feeling to be on the other side. I will admit, it was pretty cool to perform and not have to worry about the judges critique afterwards.
Having experienced this incredible journey myself, I do have some tips for The Top 12 (to be!), so here goes…

Stay true to yourself – Now is the time to show America who you are as an artist. Its so important that you perform in a unique way.  I think at this point in the competition, your style becomes solidified in the minds of the people who vote.  They need to know what you’ll mean to them after the competition is over.  
Stay Healthy  – Wash your hands, disinfect your cell phones and laptops and get a flu shot.  I had a very close call last year when I got the flu along with some of my friends in the competition.  I’m lucky because I pulled through and it didn’t affect my opportunity of a lifetime. This year, I’m involved in a flu prevention campaign with Clorox.  It’s a video contest where people can submit a video on something they wouldn’t want to miss if they got sick. I’m actually one of the judges, but as with American Idol, America will choose the winner.  The site is  Hope you’ll check it out and show me what you’ve got!
Don’t Google Yourself – I just think that American Idol is all about finding your individual voice.  Sure, people are going to talk and not everyone is going to like you, but just keep your head in the game, and you’ll do fine.

Have Fun – Ok, its cliché, but I mean it. I actually think having fun is a good winning strategy.

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