Harold Perrineau returns to Lost next season as Michael, the castaway who was so desperate to save his son he turned on his fellow plane survivors. The resurrection wasn’t a surprise for the actor. ‘I kinda knew he would return, I just didn’t know when,’ Harold reveals to OK!, adding that he’s been reinstated as a series regular. The star and his family will be relocating back to Hawaii where the series is shot, and he can’t wait to reconnect with some of his cast buddies. ‘I have love for Daniel Dae Kim and Josh Holloway. We live in the same neighborhood, so that will be fun.’ While some fans are clamoring for Michael to pay for his betrayal, Harold hopes his character will get a chance to make amends. ‘The island is really about redemption, so the writers are looking for a really interesting way to redeem him if they can,’ he says. Harold spent time behind bars on the HBO series Oz, and has some real-life words of wisdom for young starlets who have to serve time. ‘It ain’t fun,’ he declares. ‘Growing up, I saw people go to jail because they were trying to survive. These girls are rich, they’re celebrities, they’re fabulous…They just got to chill.’ By Delaina DixonPhoto: Wireimage.com

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