After a whopping 10 plastic surgeries, Heidi Montag’s surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, decided to speak out against the claims that the MTV Hills reality starlet almost died post-op and guarantees that she is not addicted to the craft.

While Heidi told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that, “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead,” after her countless number of procedures, Dr. Ryan confirms to Shaun Robinson that her claims are completely false.

“That didn’t happen as far as I know,” Dr. Ryan revealed to Access Hollywood after Heidi said doctors, “had to put oxygen on my face and call my plastic surgeon to come in for an emergency.”

And to ensure his story was heard correctly, the plastic surgeon even reveals to Access Hollywood that Spencer Pratt’s wife didn’t just have 10 operations.

“I really call it 30 surgeries because if we’re gonna count Botox injections we should count every single injection, and both breasts, not just you know so it’s two surgeries,” Dr. Ryan clarified.

So with 30 treatments under her belt, how can Heidi, at the ripe age of 23, not be addicted to plastics?

“I knew going in, one of the angles was the ‘addiction angle,’ which is a media-driven sort of angle. That’s just not true…I mean again I do not, would never in a million years, and did not and would not operate on someone who’s addicted to plastic surgery,” Dr. Ryan confirmed to Access Hollywood.

But even if he doesn’t believe that Heidi is obsessed with his work, the doctor confirms that he refuses to operate on her again.

“What does she need? She’s a beautiful girl…I’m ruling it out. I can’t imagine what she would possibly want,” Dr. Ryan put his foot down to Access Hollywood.

And since Heidi won’t be going under the knife again anytime soon, at least with this surgeon, her mother seems to be avidly waiting next in line.

“Her mother on the other hand, saw the pictures and called Heidi right away and said, ‘Heidi, I want him to do a mommy makeover for me…Can you arrange that?’” Dr. Ryan seemed excited by his new client as he spoke with Access Hollywood, “Heidi may buy it for her for Valentine’s Day.”

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