How Do I Look? host Finola Hughes is changing lives, one outfit at a time. On tonight’s special "Dress for Success" episode, Finola and her three accomplices pick out a wardrobe for Winifred “Winnie” Maness, a recovered drug addict. “She was out on the streets when she was really young,” Finola explains. “Over the last eight months, she got herself into a drug rehab program and got herself clean. Then she went to Dress for Success to help her get a new job.”

Winnie’s sister Carmen, Dress for Success executive Susan Noland — who is Willie’s mentor from her hometown of Shreveport, La. — and stylist Andy Paige created the three professional looks Willie got to choose from. But new clothes weren’t the only gift Winnie got. “Ever since she was a kid her teeth had been all over the place, and she always wanted to do something with her smile,” Finola shares. “We gave her thousands of dollar’s worth of veneers. When I told her on camera, you just wait, she just lights up!” 


I’ll be sure to break out the hankies. Finola agrees. “Our new season is the most dramatic we’ve ever done,” she says. "It’s quite daunting, and sometimes I feel I don’t have the tools to cope with some of the things that come up. But the women we’ve found, they have these great stories to tell.”

How Do I Look?: Dress for Success Special airs Monday, March 31 at 9 p.m. on Style.

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