We’ve all dreamt about living a royal life—the jewels, the servants, the galas—heck, Lorde even wrote a song about it! But you know how they say “it’s easier said than done”? How about, “it’s cheaper to dream it than to live it”!

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In anticipation of Downton Abbey‘s 4th season, the great people at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk got out their calculators and figured out just how expensive it would be to live at the Downton Estate. Seriously, who would have thought logs cost so much dough?


To take your mind off the fact that Cousin Matthew died a horrible, sad death and won’t be around watch his newborn son with Lady Mary grow up, (Uh… spoiler alert?) read on to see how much it costs to keep Downton Abbey running for a year:

Gas & Electric: $479,130

Oil: $958,260

Water: $124,574

Logs: $45,997

Chimneys: $38,330

Security: $95,826

Insurance: $335,391

Grounds: $383,304

Maintenance: $2,874,780

Garden: $670,782

Cleaning: $1,724,868

Staff: $634,050

For a total of… drum roll please… dun dun dun… $8,365,292!

Holy moly! Are you surprised by the cost of keeping Downton afloat? Would YOU spend $45,997 per year on logs? Share in the comments or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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