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Money may not buy you happiness, but it does buy Justin Bieber some company! An insider tells OK! that the pop star doesn’t think twice about throwing a couple of $100 bills at his pals — he even has people on the payroll just to hang out.

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“Justin is so used to everyone being at his beck and call that he’s got a completely distorted view of friendship,” says the source. “He thinks that by showering folks with gifts or flying them around on his private jet, he’s buying their discretion, but many of them have no qualms about selling stories about him. Justin has spent half a million on some of his so-called pals this year alone,” says the source.

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One of his biggest beneficiaries is Lil Za, who took the heat when drugs were found at Justin’s house. “Justin gave Za two cars and a hundred grand after that whole debacle,” says the source.

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The flock of girls who surround Justin don’t come cheap either. “He loves getting girls to give him and his pals lap dances at his parties, so he throws wads of cash at them to do it,” adds the source. “He thinks all his spending impresses people, but he doesn’t realize that they’re just using him.”

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