One word seemed to really describe the Spears clan’s trip to Justin Timberlake’s show: miserable. The Spears, Jamie Lynn and her dad, sat in their seats next to each other.


The only time that Spears Senior smiled was when he got up to talk to another gentleman he knew at the show (Jamie never did). Once the show started, you could see the drunken merriment in most of the other boxes surrounding the box. The Spears box resembled a morgue. Papa Spears leaned forward, wearing a very somber face. He looked like one of those A&R folks on the lookout for new talent the way he sat there looking motionless at JT’s performance. He seemed analytical. Maybe he had Britney’s custody woes on his mind. Or, perhaps, he sat there wondering why his daughter’s career is now at a polar opposite to that of his daughter’s.


Jamie Lynn just sat there also. No rocking, no moving. There was never a moment when they joined in the audience participation. “Everybody clap your hands!” Nothing. “Scream!” Zilch. “Put your hands in the air!” Nada. It didn’t seem to help when Justin took out the tequila to toast the show (it was his 100th performance). After saying, “F— it, I like to drink" (prompting more serious face and stillness from Team Spears), he then made a joke about not ever going to rehab (for the record, though, it seems that he does the tequila and rehab line at every show. He certainly did in Vegas, and he did say it at other performances). The box – which included Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, and Nikka Costa – was left completely empty approximately 30 minutes before the show’s 11:30 close. They used a moment during the show where there was complete darkness throughout the Staples Center.

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