Jennifer Hudson’s son may only be a month old, but he’s already started to duet with his famous mommy!

The Oscar-winning star tells OK! that David Daniel Otunga Jr. is starting to find his singing voice.

“Sometimes when he cries, I try and harmonize,” she said before she performed songs from the Wizard of Oz at a special Netflix concert in Central Park.

And Jennifer’s little boy is not just a precocious singer, either.

“He’s not even two months yet, and he tries a lot,” she told OK!. “He’s turning over; he’s lifting up his own head; he tries to hold his own bottles.

“Sometimes, I swear he’s talking to me, or at least trying to,” Jennifer revealed. “I think he’s a very rare newborn. He’s the cutest thing in the world. I promise you.”

It seems that Jennifer is just as smitten with the other man in her life, fiancé David Ortunga.

“He’s adorable because sometimes we have to fight over the baby because he wants to hold him and I want to hold him,” she explained. “And we really go through like, ‘No its my turn!’ Its really like that. So the baby is kind of spoiled because no one wants to put him down.”

You can enjoy the original versions of all those great songs that Jennifer sang at the concert when Netflix streams The Wizard of Oz for free on Saturday.

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