After attaining semi-stardom with their hit MTV reality show, the cast of Jersey Shore is holding out for a better offer while in talks to sign on for a second season.

According to TMZ, MTV offered Snooki, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation,” JWOWW, Ronnie, and Sammi Sweetheart a $10,000 bonus and $5,000 for each episode if a new season commences, but the cast wants more.

Sources confirm that even after MTV doubled their pay to $10,000 per episode, the Guido and Guidette ensemble hasn’t bitten — despite the fact that they’re under contract with the network for a year, regardless, TMZ reports.

With last season’s ratings at a stratospheric 4.8 million viewers, the Jersey-loving kids are well deserving of a higher paycheck.

But despite rumors of another round of negotiations, MTV wouldn’t comment on the situation (no pun intended) or confirm another season’s production, according to TMZ.

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