Jon Gosselin is not about to take his removal from TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 lying down. The reality TV dad, via his attorney, has sent TLC letters stating that all filming and production crews for Kate Plus 8 are banned from the family home in Pennsylvania, reports The Insider. A sign has also been posted at the gate of the home, reading: “Notice: No film crew or production staff from TLC is permitted on this property under penalty of trespass,” with Jon’s name at the end.

Jon’s attorney Mark Jay Heller tells The Insider: “Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show … because if he didn’t the family would be in a mortal accident … the victims of a trainwreck.”

“Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon’s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers,”  says Jon’s letter to TLC from his lawyer. He also maintains that the production deal for Jon & Kate Plus 8 does not carry over into the new show, now named Kate Plus 8.

Jon makes the case that since he and Kate both own the property, he has joint custody and can make decisions for his childrens’ welfare. His letter also alleges that TLC may not have been paying his children for their time on the show, saying TLC “failed to designate the appropriate compensation to be allocated to the children” and “it may ultimately be determined that TLC has not provided for compensation for the eight children over the past four years.”

He also claims that TLC never secured the proper permits to film on the property.

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