Isn’t this ironic? Soul singer Joss Stone is making her acting debut on The Tudors this spring, playing the fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, to Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ King Henry VIII.
Here’s where you break out the Alanis Morissette CD. Henry didn’t consummate his relationship with Anne. Day-um!
 “He didn’t want to have sex with her,” Joss explained to my L.A. counterpart Carole Glines at the series TCA conference last week.
Was Joss disappointed she wouldn’t get a chance to hop in the sack with Jonathan – if only for the screen?
“It didn’t matter to me. I just wanted to be on the show, to be honest,” Joss said. “I wanted to play any part.”
That doesn’t mean Joss didn’t try for a role that would have been more, entertaining.

“It was Jane Seymour. I was supposed to play the English rose, but unfortunately I played the German minger,” she laughed.
All is not lost. Joss does have one scene that sounds promising…
“I was in my nightie. I had that long nightie that they used to wear, and yes, I did not have any shoes on,” she shared.
Maybe King Henry VIII had a foot fetish?

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