It doesn’t always pay off to have sexy friends! Kim Kardashian is now learning that the hard way. Although she may be one of the most fawned over women in the world, her friends aren’t too bad either, and Kanye West has taken notice!

On Kim’s latest girls trip to Mexico, she and younger model Jasmine Sanders, 25, stripped down to their bikinis and heated things up on Snapchat with their sexy poses and dance moves. Unfortunately for Kim, she wasn’t the only one Kanye was staring at!

A source told OK! that he “was annoying Kim while she was in Mexico with his open admiration for Jasmine and how her look really works well with Kim’s. He probably thought he was paying Kim a compliment, but she’s now convinced he’s got a crush on Jasmine.”

But considering Kim likes to be the center of attention, she definitely isn’t thrilled her man is showing interest in another woman!

“He wants Kim to really bring her into the fold because she’s such a hot look next to her. Kim’s seeing red though and is so sure he’s got a thing for Jasmine she’s not letting the two be in the same room,” said the insider. While that may seem extreme, her other plan is even more bizarre.

The mom-of-two is even trying to look more like Jasmine, who called herself “Golden Barbie,” to win back the attention from Yeezy and is “considering perming her hair like Jasmine’s after hearing Kanye gush over her looks.”

In fact, Kim’s even considering perming her hair like Jasmine’s after hearing Kanye gush over her looks.”

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