Kate Gosselin and soon-to-be-ex husband Jon Gosselin announced their split in June, but the reality star has only recently removed her wedding ring.

“At some point, I talked to the kids — it came up very naturally — and I said, ‘I’m not going to be wearing this ring very much longer,'” Kate told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show yesterday.

“[They said,] ‘Oh, why?’ I said, ‘Because I’m not going to be married to Daddy anymore,’ which of course hearing that I don’t think was fun for them.”

She plans to wear some different bling on her ring finger from now on: a band with “eight little diamonds surrounded by mother of pearl,” to symbolize “me and the kids together forever,” she said.

Now that the rings are off — along with the gloves — will 34-year-old Kate start dating again?

“I’m not thinking about [dating], but the thought has crossed my mind at some point [that] it’s going to be scrutinized,” Kate told Ellen, Oct. 28.

No different from the rest of her life, then.

“I just know that, on TV or off TV, I’ve been very much targeted and torn apart,” she said. “I’m telling you [from] the root of my heart everything about me: I am a mother first. I will always be a mother and I would die for my kids if need be. My focus is them.”

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