Kate Winslet has come a long way from that fresh-faced young woman who garnered instant fame with massive hit Titanic, and she’s happy to be growing older and wiser.


“I’m like, ‘Yes, damn it! Look at those foreheads move!’” she tells Parade of seeing herself and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio reunite in December’s Revolutionary Road. “I mean, he has this amazing furrow here, which wasn’t as prominent then," as she points to a spot between her brows, "and this is much more prominent in me now," she adds, pointing to a wrinkle on her own forehead.


"I just love seeing those things," she says. "I am enjoying my face changing, as well as realizing that at the same time, as you get older, the machine isn’t as well-oiled as it was.”


But along with the occasional wrinkle, Kate has also received five Oscar nominations and a whole lot of perspective since those early days in her career.  


“I was very, very thrown by the fact that I had to make some big changes in my life in order to be myself, but under this kind of movie-star banner,” she says. “It was a difficult balance to find. Now I feel I’ve got that. I’ve actually had it for a while, I think. That’s mainly to do with my incredible husband [director Sam Mendes].”


The busy star, who also has The Reader premiering along with Revolutionary Road in December, reveals that it’s the simplicity of her family life, including kids Sam and Mia, that brings her joy these days.


“We were having lunch, and I was having a glass of wine and eating bread and putting butter on the bread, and I turned to Sam and said, ‘I am just so happy!’ ”

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