Kelly Clarkson’s fourth album All I Ever Wanted is out now, and she returned to her old stomping ground of American Idol this week.

What is she doing to look so fabulous?

“I am just being me,” she laughs.

The two-time Grammy winner, 26, admits, “I run when I feel like I need to run and de-stress” but she doesn’t regularly work out.

How much weight has she lost?

“Oh, I haven’t,” she tells me. “I’m always the same size. People just get pictures of me in black and I look thinner, and people get pictures of me in white and I look bigger.”

Feeling good about herself is part of Kelly’s nature.

“I have a really, really great support system, so I’ve always been like that. But I mean, obviously, I’m humble as well, because there’s a lot of things about which I have no clue.”

Don’t expect to see Kelly in slinky Britney Spears garb. In 2005, Kelly told me she’d show her stomach, but refuses to bare her cleavage and legs.

“I think it’s cool to keep a little for the family,” she said.

Sneak a peek at OK!’s exclusive video of the American Idol Experience now open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

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