Kourtney Kardashian is one hot mom, but as time wears on, the 37-year-old is noticing some unwanted baggage in her caboose — and she wants it gone!

The mom of three is taking her cue from her bootylicious sisters and focusing on her bum! “Kourt freaked out over photos of her in September and how saggy and ‘old man’ her butt was,” a source told OKmagazine.com. “She’s always been way less surgery-obsessed than her sisters, but she’s been growing increasingly paranoid about her saggy butt since Miami.”

The decision seems to be a last resort for Kourt, who has tried obsessive workouts and extreme dietary restrictions to maintain her physique. “She’s already been getting non-surgical treatment, like lasers and chemical peels, but it’s barely making a difference,” the insider revealed. “Kim told her the only way is lipo or cool sculpting, which she’s going to try first. If all else fails, she try lipo, even though the thought of it terrifies her.”

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