Reigning American Idol champ Kris Allen is living a dream now that he ushered in 2010 in Las Vegas, and met his Boys Meets World faves – Danielle “Topanga” Fishel who now hosts The Dish, and Ben “Corey” Savage at the airport last month.

“That was great, man,” he says.

Being in such demand comes at a price, though. The 24-year-old performer still hasn’t gotten a chance to straighten up after his move to L.A.

“We still don’t have a mattress yet, so I don’t know if that’s settling in,” he says.

The first married Idol winner keeps in touch with wife Katy, whom he wed in 2008, via iChat, but he confesses “she’s not very good with the technical stuff.”

It’s no adjustment for the couple, whose relationship has been long-distance for five years.

“This is nothing new to us. I mean, we wanted it to end.”

What does he love most about Katy?

“That she puts up with me,” he chuckles.

When he can catch alone time, we’ll find Kris curled up with a book.

“I like to read. I just picked up The Catcher In The Rye. I haven’t read that yet. Why have I not read that?”

Of his scandal-courting runner-up and roommate Adam Lambert, Kris shrugs off the American Music Awards controversy.

“I thought it was Adam being Adam,” he says. “I’m going to get a shirt that says ‘That’s Adam To Me.’ That’s who he is, and obviously, he couldn’t do that stuff on Idol, so you’re getting to see the real Adam now.”

Here’s my pic with Kris from his visit to the OK! offices:


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