Kristin Chenoweth revisits her pageant days leading up to the Miss USA Pageant, which airs Sunday on NBC.

The actress, 42, placed as runner-up in the Miss Oklahoma pageant in 1991.

What happened?

“They asked me what I thought of 60 Minutes as a television program,” she tells me while promoting Listerine Whitening’s Your Mouth Has Something To Say video series.  “I think there was something going on with it at the time. I said ‘I think it’s a good amount of time. It’s a perfect amount of time for a TV show.’ I probably lost the crown right then and there!”

The Tony winner cherishes her pageant experience.

“I loved it. I learned to compete with myself, and I did it for pageant scholarship money, and I basically paid for myself to get my master’s degree because of it. I paid for my education. It wasn’t like I did a ton of them, but I did enjoy the experience and learned to compete with myself. “

For Kristin, her best beauty tip from her pageant days goes beyond hair, makeup and fashion.

“I think, basically, one thing that I learned, and I think different people experience different things, but for me, being kind to women who are also doing what you’re doing is a great beauty tip. It’s what we should all be, which is beautiful from within. That’s the best beauty tip we can give each other.“

Kristin Chenoweth has teamed up with Listerine Whitening to inspire Americans to keep their smiles healthy, bright and beautiful through a video series titled, “Your Mouth Has Something to Say” that can be viewed at And, check out the Miss USA Pageant, airing Sunday at 9 p.m./8 c on NBC.


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