Kylie Jenner just bought a new home, and Kendall Jenner is fuming over the fact.

Kendall bought a West Hollywood mansion in June 2016 for a whopping $6.5 million. She was proud of being a first-time homeowner until sister Kylie stole her thunder by purchasing a $12.5 million property just months later in October.

Sources tell that the sisters are feuding over the matter, especially now that Ky’s house is twice the size and sits on a large plot of land while Kendall’s property sadly sits on a small plot and sports a measly pool.

The outlet reveals the duo are “going head-to-head” with their real estate portfolios, but “Kylie is way in the lead.”

“Kendall wants to live near the Hollywood elite and her model friends. They all hang out in West Hollywood, so that’s where she bought her house,” a source says, adding, “Kendall doesn’t see the point in a huge portfolio like Kylie’s because she can only live in one house at a time.”

The insider continues, “Kylie sees each of her houses as investments and her way of becoming the richest Kardashian — she’s always joking with her mom about how she’s going to make more than Kim. Kris is very proud of her youngest protégé and her real estate skills and she is encouraging her every step of the way.”

But one thing is for sure – money is far from a foreign object to the dynamic duo. “They’ve been making money from the time they were quite young and all that money was put into a trust for them, so when each of them was 18 they started buying houses,” revealed the girls’ grandmother, Esther Jenner. “Kendall was first and she bought a condo. She went to her dad and said: ‘Dad, I don’t know if I should pay cash for it or get a mortgage.’ He told her she needed to establish credit, so she should put a healthy down payment on a house, and mortgage it.”

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