Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson has teamed up with OK! to update you every week as she attempts to turn her partner Donny Osmond into a ballroom champion!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to week 11 of my OK! diary, in which Donny and I had to find a way to perform through his bout with flu symptoms.

The flu has hit the DWTS cast very hard this season, as Derek Hough and Mark Ballas came down with it, and, this week, Lacey Schwimmer was the victim, having to sit it out while Anna Trebunskaya performed with her partner, Mark Dacascos on Monday night.

So I was holding my breath after Donny started feeling ill this week. When we took to the ballroom floor for our quick step routine, I didn’t know what to expect. I told Donny before the dance, hang on to me and I’ll lead you, and, as usual, Donny exceeded my expectations. He was feeling so bad and yet did so well! We still got a strong score, a 24, as Donny’s professionalism came through and we grooved along to the famous dance anthem, “Sing, sing, sing.”

The judges pointed out his mistakes, which Donny and I knew were there. But Donny told me he could barely tell the ceiling from the floor in his flu-like condition, so we’re very happy we got through it. We also helped our Team Tango get a 28, and it took the pressure off us to be able to dance in a group. All in all, it was a good night.

This week was so challenging for Donny and me as he started feeling ill during rehearsals. The quick step is a really crazy, energetic dance that uses everything you’ve got, so was stressful keeping the energy up. We had to rehearse the Team Tango with Derek and Joanna and Louis and Kelly. It was really nice working together as a team but the two dances were really strenuous for Donny this week, in his condition and also having to do his Las Vegas show. He was so tired.

Luckily, I’M feeling fine at the moment! There’s no time whatsoever for rest but I’m taking lots of vitamins and drinking a lot of water. My mom is still in town so she’s looking out for me.

Another thing that gave me a lift this week is that I was able to announce I’m going to be making my debut on Broadway in Burn the Floor after this season’s DWTS is over. It starts November 27. If Donny and I are lucky enough to make the final, that would finish on Tuesday, and then I’d go into the show in Friday.

I was actually in the original workshop of Burn the Floor in 1998, so it’s really nice to be back in the show now that it’s on Broadway. In 1998, I was living in London and had gotten a scholarship to study dance there. I was competing, but I wanted to perform onstage and I heard about Burn the Floor and they asked me if I would be in the workshop. It became a full-fledged show and we toured the world with it. I did that for six years before the Australian version of DWTS. This time, they just called and asked if I’d be interested and I said, of course I would!

Now that I’ll be doing Burn the Floor, I’m looking forward to having Christmas in New York this year. My mom and dad are probably both going to come over for Christmas and see me in the show. Usually, I spend Christmas by the pool in Australia because it’s summertime back home. I hope it snows in New York so I can have a white Christmas!

Well, hope you’re still voting, everyone! Talk to you again soon!

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